“I can’t sit back while the ruling class openly turns citizens into subjects.”

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Picture of Dawn

Dawn Grove is a third-generation Arizonan, manufacturing executive, attorney, wife, and mother. She loves God, family, country, Arizona and helping people solve problems. Her grandfather began making PING golf clubs in his garage, and her family has been passionately making custom-engineered golf equipment in Phoenix since the early 1960s, now providing jobs to more than 800 Arizonans and making PING a top global brand. She is not a politician, does not receive a government paycheck, and has never before run for public office.

In her teen years, Dawn determined to attend law school to help advocate for people, find solutions to their problems, and stand up for unborn children. She later received a full academic scholarship to attend Pepperdine University School of Law where she studied Constitutional law under Justice Scalia, further underscoring the need to uphold the Constitution as it was written and guard against the overreach of unaccountable federal agencies. While studying law, Dawn worked her first job for the National Right to Life Committee, and she remains committed to protecting the preborn. Following law school, she spent many years representing manufacturers in complex civil litigation before returning to work 23 years ago for her privately-owned, Arizona-based, family business, serving as Vice President and Corporate Counsel for Karsten Manufacturing Corporation, parent company of PING. She comes from a family of real-world problem solvers.

Dawn is no stranger to the assembly line and knows from first-hand experience what it takes to create and maintain manufacturing jobs in Arizona. She believes that Arizona thrives when we are able to make what Arizonans need here, and produce world-class products for export around the globe. Her passion for Arizona and manufacturing led the Arizona Manufacturers Council to choose her as their board chair, where she was an unwavering advocate for limited government, the end to out-of-control government debt, and growth for Arizonans in high-paying, meaningful manufacturing jobs. More recently, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry chose Dawn as their board chair, where she shepherded the organization through the process of selecting a new CEO who would stay focused on the business and manufacturing community’s needs, rather than pushing a left-wing social agenda.

Dawn loves her family and believes in the importance of and strength of family. She and her husband Rawleigh have been married for nearly 27 years, have raised three children while living in their Phoenix home, and have remained active in many nonprofits, giving back to the community. Dawn is a dedicated conservative running for Attorney General of Arizona because she sees that our state and our country are at a perilous moment. We need leaders who will defend Arizona against the Biden-Harris administration’s overreach into our families, faith, freedom and free enterprise, stand for the rule of law, defend our border, and help grow Arizona’s economy through less government and more liberty for Arizonans. She wants to protect and safeguard you, your freedoms, voting rights, and right to live, work, worship, raise and defend your family as you decide, while thriving in safe communities.

Awards and Recognitions
  • Community Champion, AZBigMedia, 2021
  • The Most Influential Women in Arizona Business for 2021, Az Business and AZRE magazines
  • Outstanding Leadership Award, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2021
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Arizona Manufacturers Council, 2020
  • STEP Award (science, technology, engineering and production award for women manufacturing leaders nationally), 2016

Dawn’s Guiding Principles

As Arizona Attorney General, Dawn will promote and defend the Constitution, freedom and opportunity for Arizona’s next generation of children and grandchildren.

I will defend Arizona from the worsening federal overreach by the Biden/Harris Administration into our families, faith, freedom and free enterprise. We must encourage job creation, safeguard access to affordable and reliable energy, and preserve all that we love about our state, our people and our culture.


I will defend Arizona’s border. The Biden/Harris Administration is apparently too busy telling us how to run our lives and businesses (and frivolously spending our earnings and our children’s future earnings) to actually do its job to defend our borders. We understand in Arizona that we must stop the flow of illegal immigrants, terrorists, human traffickers and drug traffickers across our border, and as attorney general I will if the federal government won’t.


I will defend religious and personal liberties. As a Christian, a conservative, and someone who believes every human deserves dignity, respect, and equal protection under the rule of law, I will be an attorney general who guards our religious liberty, free speech and 2nd amendment rights; and I will defend the preborn, elderly, victims’ rights, and all our most vulnerable, every day.


I will defend against threats that our Founders could not have conceived of, like the behemoth that is Big Tech today -- Big Tech has become a monopoly that profits from invading our privacy, choosing winners and losers in the marketplace, and suppressing the free speech of conservatives. Not on my watch. And I will bring the resources of the Attorney General’s office to help businesses and individuals who are being harassed by computer hackers and malware, to bring down those criminal networks.